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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default side effect

i was diagnosed 3 years ago with thymoma....i'm currently taking gleevec because my doctor said i'm c-kit positive, whatever it means...i've taken it since May of th is year and the one side effect that concerns me is pain to my left side and lower back, feeling of bloatedness....and shortness of breath....i also experience muscle cramps in my legs and stomach....will this go away or will this be forever side effect since i will continuously take gleevec?
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Old 05-27-2009, 01:46 AM
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Smile Gleevec side effect and how to overcome.

hi friends.

Muscle cramp, cold, freezee ... that's all common side effect to anyone who prescribe gleevec. It will give you problems to your stomache also. It produce a lot of gastric gas and lost eating appetide.

Just take my advice:

1. Muscle cramp - take twice a day a sea cucumber extract, normally we have to take double dos from recommended prescription. Don't worry gleevec won't against it. If you have a high blood pressure make sure you monitor your blood pressure. Reduce the dos if the blood pressure keep increase.

2. Freezee.... this is due to anemia i.e low red blood cell. You can buy any Chlorofil drinks from any pharmacy. Chlorofil extract normally produce by 2 type of material. Alfalfa grass and Mulberry leaf. Take which ever you like or effort. Mix 1 large spoon full chlorofil extract into a glass of water (not hot water) and drink twice a day. After 2 weeks go and check your full blood count and the result most of it will be much better. You will getting more sweat.

3. No energy and lost appetide... you can prescribe a garlic pill. take twice a day. you can buy from any pharmacy. Garlic pill can blood more liquid and easily move in the blood vein. This good for our heart and kidney.

Don't worry, i consume gleevec about 3 years and i used the above mention product to overcome the side effect. Whoever consume gleevec cannot stop taking the pill for the rest of life. We have to be positive in whatever we do. I still can work like normal people with full energetic and can manage my strength.

any question please email me to
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