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Default novolog side effects

hi i was diagnosed diabetic (assuming type 2 at this point) back in october of this year, 2005. i was started on lantus and metformin. the metformin gave me severe diarreah and stomach ache, very very gaseous. I told dr. I would not continue on metformin. I thought that the lantus would just be needing upped. they advised me to up it a little, and see when incremental doses (only at nite) would bring the glocse level down. Good. Then next visit, dr. suggested to use novolog at meals. I think it is great to be able to do the insulin as needed. I am not into a specific meal routine as yet and somewhat eat when I feel like it or when I can so I like the flexibility. BUT, I have been having pinching like pains around top of stomach, right side, near lymphe nodes in the groin area, and knee pain, and I can't figure out what is causing this, I have decreased using Novolog last couple of days and seemed better but today, after dinner dose, now noticing the uncomfortable aches and pinching again. I am now suspecting novolog and after reading the previous postings, 12/3/2005 ones, people mentioning like pain lymphn node, knee, etc. I have that and stomach and intestinal pinching pains too. I cant believe that every where I check side effects, all I keep reading is about hives or low blood sugar. Every site, well I guess mostly the ones that come up are pharmaceutical or manufacturer ones that only list like 2 or 3 side effects. This is unbelieveble since now i see a few more posts about pain as well. Any one else commenting that anyone knows about? I just cant believe this because sooo many people must be using this stuff??? Sorry so long but I have been on researching side effects of insulin for about a month now almost every waking minute because I am feeling so bad.
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