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Old 12-10-2011, 03:47 AM
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Default Almost Died from Avelox

Mine is a case where I developed I apparently developed an allergy to the drug after taking it previously without any side effects.

Was prescribed avelox for sinus infection after zithromax was not working. Took first pill today. Within 20 minutes, I begain experiencing symptoms common to an anaphylactic response to an allergen.

My eyes and face started to itch, swell, and turn red. My hands and limbs started to feel swollen. Within a few more minutes, I started to cough and have difficulty breathing. I was driving at this point, so this was extremely scary. I got home as fast as I could , because the symptoms were multiplying.

When I got home, I made it to the kitchen and kneeled to the floor. I was lying on the floor, head between my knees. I was having trouble breathing, thinking, and was extremely dizzy. I contemplated getting my daughter's epi pen out of the cupboard but I couldnt get up. I was very hot, sweating profusely, losing my ability for speech, and felt as if I might die. Overcome by nausea, I stood up only to begin vomiting violently.

I swayed into the bathroom, only to vomit more. I made it to my bed where I lay for 30 minutes unable to move because I was incapacitated by symptoms. After the nausea subsided, I had a terrible pain in my bowels that felt like appendicitis, and I was tremendously cold. Expelling the pill was the best thing I could have done, because the symptoms finally began to subside where I could finally get up after about 45 min.

Terrifying. This was the worst, scariest allergic reaction I have ever had to anything. I really feel like I was close to death for a few moments. Second-time users, beware!
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