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Old 07-05-2005, 05:00 AM
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Default Singulair Is Very Dangerous

Singulair is a nightmare. I was prescribed it by an allergist who I went to for allergies that were causing nosebleeds. He decided I had asthma...a problem that I never had ...and gave me Singulair for the seasonal allergies and the "asthma" I wasn't being troubled by. After starting Singulair, I developed asthmatic symptoms...and after stopping it (6 weeks of taking it) over 4 months later, I can not get rid of the asthma...have had a mysterious spot on my lungs...which was questionably malignant...numerous CT scans, Pet scans...etc. leading me to terrible emotional strain. I was fine until I ingested this poisonous drug. My last scan indicated the spot on the lungs was not malignant, but inflammation, yet I still my have another CT scan to "check" to make sure. All this started with Singulair. I am 48 and never had asthma and now, nothing helps. I do not recommend messing with this horrible has ruined my life. I intend to investigate how many other people have had similar the cost for medical care, lost time at work, the suffering and the mental anguish this drug has caused should be reason enough for the FDA to pull this poison off the market. There is no amount of money Merck could give me to repay me for what I have gone through. Do not take this drug.
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