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BP1 07-28-2008 03:47 AM

Abilify-Low dose very effective
I am Bipolar very mild.
I began to take abilify daily and found that it made me extremely tired.
Than my psychiatrist suggested that I try taking it once a week.

I found that by taking 7.5 MG 1 a week that it has been highly effective in combating. Anxiety attacks. I used to wake up early in the morning and worry about every possible bad scenario that can happen. Abilify did away with that.

By the way. I take
Abilify 7.5mg 1 a week
Zoloft 25MG Daily
Wellbutrin 300mg XR
I was taking Provigil but it became impossible to get it internationally and it's too expensive domestically, So I switched to Adrafinil the parent of Provigil which is legal in Europe and can be ordered from overseas but not FDA approved.

I highly recommend Abilify but question your Psychiatrist about the dose. I suspect that for minor conditions the dosage that is being recommended is too high..

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