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Wink off celexa

I too have recently gone off celexa. My doctor told me that with this drug, I could stop "cold turkey", but she suggested going down to one every other day, and slowly increasing intervals of days between doses. I am about 4 weeks now off of my celexa after about 5 years of taking it (20 mg 1 x day). Initially, I have been experiencing the 'sparks' every time I move my eyes from side to side, or turn my head too quickly. Feeling more sluggish than usual, and some nausea throughout the day. I had a rough night recently with feeling very sleepless and agitated. I am hoping that over time, these feelings will diminish. Overall, I feel ok mentally and emotionally (some bouts of depression or anxiety, but have been able to overcome). I began taking celexa because it helped with depression and anxiety, and overall coping skills. I do not want to be dependent because I am unsure of side-effects. I have tried to stop in the past, but usually become very sad and depressed while off medication. I don't want a drug to dictate my life...I am determined to do without. I have been reading about the toxins that are in our foods, water, and everyday household items, which may be contributing to the rise in depression and anxiety in our society. I am going to strive to consume a cleaner, healthier diet, and more natural way of living, continue to get plenty of regular exercise, and foster meaningful relationships (negative relationships, whether romantic or platonic, can also have a toxic effect on our bodies and health). I hope you can find some assurance in my posting. Feel free to respond.
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