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Old 12-02-2005, 06:00 AM
Larry Prince
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Default inspra

I wanted to discuss the new medicine that I am taking with inspra. 18 years ago I was diognosed with bi-lateral arterial renal infarction. This was because I smoked and took rolaides regularly. The Dr. told me that I was overdoseing on both. Since then I have stopped smoking and I do not eat rolaides any more. I do take a water pill everyday and I take a potassium replacement. The amount I take is 8 mill. twice a day. <br>About 5weeks ago I had a heart attack which was mild and I had a stint put in and my doctor put me on Inspra. He said that my potasium level was low and this would be a good medicine to place me on. I read all the info that is given me on every med that I take. My Question is, will this take care of my problem takeing a water pill and is there any advise that I need to know regarding Inspra. I have side effects of all the meds that I take and I am conserned about what this med will have. Any information that you can give me will help. Thanks for your time and any help you can give me I will Appreciate it.
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Old 11-08-2007, 08:25 PM
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Default Inspra

I am also on 50 mg Inspra,have been for about a month.Befoe this ,I was on Spirolactone for several years and could hardly tolerate it,so many side effects.I have side effects with this also Headach.Off balanmce, but my hypertention is so critical,i have to keep trying.I'm also on Atenenol,Atacand and Plendil.
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