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Old 01-14-2008, 01:01 AM
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Default Torn menicus and sleep apnea

I have been on Actonel since 2001. (7 years) I was put on it for a dignosis of osteopenia seen on bone density xray done before my fusion of L4-5 and neck surgery for fusion of C4-7. My Bone density scan still <br>shows osteopenia. Recently I was found to have a very low Vit D level.<br> 2/3 rds. less than it should be. I was told by a endocriologist only to<br>drink one glass of milk because my Calcium was too high. I had a hyperparathroid stimulating hormone and was making kidney stones this had occured before the Actonel. But now I am recieving Vit D and a new MD says this will or should take care of the problems. I have to go back to have my labs rechecked the end of the month having been on Vit D for a little<br>over a month now. <br>I have had symptoms of palpitations, sleep apnea, joint pain, fatique, <br>neck stiffness, along with back pain and neck pain I had already. Now within the last six months I have developed knee pain and a torn menicus. I wonder if the actonel causes a weakness in cartilage? I have never had problems with my knees before and since I was disabled with the back and neck it was very important to me to keep my knees and the rest of me in shape. I think that what I do at the gym is not enough to normally cause a problem with my knees. So after I see that the vit D is taking care of the calcium I plan to come off the Actonel. It has not improved my bone density, and I still have osteopenia. Has anyone else had sleep apnea <br>and/or knee menicus problems on Actonel?
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