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Old 09-08-2010, 02:06 PM
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Default Zonegran affecting child's learning?

My 7 year old son was diagnosed with mixed epilepsy: complex partial and generalized, over a year ago. He started on lamictal, he experienced side effects, dose changes, added keppra, same side effects, stopped lamictal, new side effects, changed from keppra to zonegran. Multiple dose changes already...he has been having a severe decline in learning abilities on this medicine. It's been a devastating this point appears to be never ending. Although, I understand the seizure issues could be much worse, as indicated on EEG's. The neurologist gives the impression it's challenging to know if the present issues are caused by increased seizure activity at night that are causing morning learning issues or if it's zonegran. We are now adding Valium at night. Apparently, if no improvement, the only additional options are Depakote or VNS implant...neither of which are appealing at this point. My son has proven to be amazingly intellegent, very academically advanced basically from birth to zonegran (jan)'s a sad thing to observe such a decrease in his abilities due to a medicine(?)...esp after everything else he has been through over the 2+ years (testing began atleast one year prior to diagnosis and treatment, due to neurologist change and ins). His teacher last year saw and understood the differences in him. It appears this teacher is not going to understand in the same way, but she is trying. It seems difficult for him to communicate his thoughts, he seems unable to explain how he if feeling...although, when asked why he doesn't complete his work, he states that he wants to and looks at it and he thinks but when he does this he just can't think. (<---complete opposite of who my son is!) His dr is ordering a 504 plan/IEP. He still enjoys school, but I'm hoping the continued issues won't affect that. I am seeking knowledge from others experiences: regarding zonegran or mixed epilepsy or the 504 plan.
:-) Thanks so much.
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