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Old 01-19-2011, 06:00 AM
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Default Celexa mess

I have been taking celexa for about 7 months. At first it worked wonders (I have dysthymia and panic disorder) but I'm hyper sensitive to medications and start feeling suicidal after a few months use. I take it in the morning and there is relief throughout the day but a gnawing feeling of underlying scattered thinking. I have tried many medications and have found celexa to be a god send most of the time. I tried weaning myself off, as I was saying it was causing uncomfortable side effects and horrible insomnia, but did it too quickly. I tapered off over about 2 weeks, did well, I felt nauseas, vertigo, uncomfortable in my own skin. The worst part was when it was completely out of my system and I had 'rebound depression'. I felt so much worse than my initial depression symptoms, my whole life became dark, bleak and pointless. I called into work twice for sick days, I had no desire to exist and felt that I was at the bottom of a black whole. Within days I had to go back on celexa to my disdain but once again it provided relief. It is important to ask yourself WHY you want to get off the meds. If it is a stigma, you don't like the thought of meds even tho they provide relief, you should probably stay on them. Unfortunately for myself the side effects on meds are unbearable. As well you must seek counseling in conjunction with medication. For me, I am extremely sensitive, personalize everything and have self defeating behaviors. Also, yes I understand that we have the tendency to blame the medical profession , doctors/psychiatrists, but did we not turn to them for drugs? And they don't know how the meds affect us, they've never tried them. There hopes (I like to think) is that whatever they prescribe us will help improve our quality of life.
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