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I went though a very messy break up with my live in girlfriend and was not taking any medication at the time. I went off the deep end emotionally when she suddenly kicked me out of her house after I refused to drive her across the country to see her mother. I have had depression for a very long time but have been going through analysis for 4 years to get to the bottom of my illness. I needed something to stablilize my hurt feelings of rejection and betrayal. I was put on Lexapro and Abilify. Two good medications in my opinion. However I could not stop reliving the trauma. Everyday I would go into therapy and recount the pain as if it were happening that very moment. Only after a switch to Celexa (something that had worked well for me in the past ) and Geodon did I get the distance from the violent outburst that left me virtually penniless and an emotional wreck. Both have given me distance from the pain, energized me, and allowed me to focus on tasks at hand. 20 mg of Celexa and 20 mg of Geodon
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