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Default seems to work

Since childhood I've gotten bad headaches centered around one eye. It feels like someone parked a car on my face. The past year they've gotten worse, sometimes lasting for 2 or 3 days and accompanied by nausea -- agonizing and debilitating. I had tried aspirin, acetomeniphen, ibuprofin, naproxin, and even Vicodin ... nothing would touch my headaches. Last time it was so bad I went to the ER. They administered intravenous reglin, but it had no effect. It took two shots of the narcotic Dilaudid to kill the pain, but it made the nausea much worse, so I was not happy.<br><br>Finally a new doctor thought it was migraine and prescribed Maxalt. I'll be darned, but I think the stuff might actually work. There have been some times when I felt a headache coming on, I took a Maxalt and it killed the headache before it got bad. The time it takes to work seems to vary from about 20 minutes to a couple of hours. But even having a headache for 2 hours is nothing compared to hours and days of disabling pain.<br><br>And I have had no side effects. The headache goes away completely and I feel normal. I can't believe I found something that works for my headaches!<br><br>ps - It even seems to have aborted a headache that, I confess, was likely triggered by hangover. Amazing.
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